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Mai 02 2011

Critiques DVD « Intimiste 2 » aux USA

Chers lecteurs,

Sachez que votre serviteur, l’air de rien, a répertorié 52 rubriques différentes pour alimenter ce blog. 52 rubriques, comme 52 cartes et 52 semaines dans une année… Un jour, si vous êtes sage, je vous dévoilerai la liste de ces 52 façons de m’adresser à vous… En attendant, voici la nouvelle rubrique du jour : des critiques en Anglais parues récemment aux USA sur mes DVD. Pour les plus avertis, vous allez pouvoir réviser votre Anglais, pour les moins (comme moi), il ne vous reste plus qu’à trouver un traducteur ! En tous les cas, j’ai pensé que cela pouvait vous intéresser de voir un peu ce qu’il se dit de l’autre côté de l’Atlantique sur mes modestes petites publications…

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Dominique Duvivier

Tout d’abord une critique sur mon DVD « Intimiste 2 : DD frappe encore » parue sur le site de Murphy, le leader mondial actuel dans la vente de matériel de magie.

Official review by Bryce Kuhlman :

Albert Goshman is one of my heroes in magic. He was one of the first magicians I saw lecture and, by far, the most magical. When I heard Dominique Duvivier was performing an homage act to Goshman, I had to have it. Of course, « having it » means then having to review it. With four DVDs and over seven hours of content, this is no small task.

The first DVD contains the show. It begins with Dominique performing a trick that was quite baffling, even though he didn’t finish it. It was kind of a inside joke for magicians, but still an effective piece of magic. Then we launch into short video segments of the people that have influenced the show. You’ve probably heard some of the names: Fred Kaps, Ken Brooke, Max Maven, Michael Weber, Ricky Jay, Bro. John Hamman. If you don’t know these names, search them here at MyLovelyAssistant, buy some books and close your $^*@ing web browser until you’ve done your homework.

The first effect in the show is a unique take on Any Drink Called For. A blank deck with the names of liquors written on both sides in introduced and fairly shown. Each side of each card is different. One is selected randomly. The liquor named on one side of the card ends up matching the contents of a glass that was in a locked box in full view since the beginning of the show. Then the liquor on the other side is found inside a shotglass produced from the performer’s pocket which was previously proven otherwise empty by having one of the helpers reach in to remove and replace the key and lock from the box.

What follows next is a card sequence that defies explanation. There appears to be zero effort on the part of the performer. The people helping him are finding and naming the cards selected by members of the audience, seemingly without any help from Dominique. Unfortunately, the sequence that follows kind of gives away a bit of the method in the first segment. I would have stopped at the « miracle » phase.

Then we’re off to coins with a unique Copper, Silver, Brass routine followed by coin to purse and a coins across with a surprise ending.

Act two begins with a long, involved build-up to… the production of a small ball from a very large bag. You probably think I’m poking fun or making a joke. Non, mon ami, this was one of the most astonishing things in the set. The little ball is then used in a chop cup routine… with a solid cup… which then comes apart to create yet another cup… which is also solid. It’s hard to explain, but very cool to watch and extremely deceptive.

Enough! I don’t want to give everything away. If what I’ve written so far has not whet your appetite, I guess this DVD isn’t for you. For those of you who are interested, there’s another 45 minutes of material left to see. In fact, the bulk of what is left is Dominque’s tribute to Goshman, which begins with a beautiful, heartfelt and very humble introduction.

Dominique Duvivier embodies so many of the things that made Goshman wonderful to watch, yet he remains unique and true to himself and his own talents and personality. The performance is more like a conversation amongst friends than a show. Magic is happening all around him. We become a part of this magical world, not just a spectator.

The teaching segments are wonderfully detailed. Dominique goes over every little detail. He talks about how to get the most out of his helpers. Most importantly, he explains why he’s made the decisions he has. He covers everything from technique to prop management to psychology. Don’t fret if you don’t understand French; the translator is very good at conveying not just the ideas, but also the passion.

Et enfin une critique, toujours sur mon DVD « Intimiste 2 : DD frappe encore », parue cette fois dans le magazine « Magic » (LA revue de référence en magie aux USA) en avril :


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